Private Chef & Event Services

Both of our Weekly Dinner Services pair Chef Kris with your family. The relationship starts with an initial consultation to determine your family’s food preferences.
Each week, Chef Kris will design a menu specifically for your family using fresh, seasonal ingredients for you to review. With the week’s menu established, your chef will visit your home on a scheduled basis–most families prefer four or five days a week. Your chef starts each day shopping for the best ingredients available and then will prepare dinner right in your own kitchen. Our team will always leave your kitchen clean and tidy.
Basic Service

Chef Kris will visit your home two or three times a week in the morning hours and prepare two meals. The first meal, to be eaten that day, is a two course meal, while the second meal, for the following day is a simpler, one course meal. Food will be packaged and left with easy reheating instructions. Weekly packages start at $315 for four dinners per week, without the cost of groceries.
Premium Service

Chef Kris will visit in the afternoons on your scheduled dinner days. Meals are typically two-course meals, consisting of either a soup or salad, and an entrée in order to help our clients maintain a balanced, healthy diet. Pricing includes one day of service where the chef will stay through the dinner hour, plate and serve your meal as if you were in a restaurant.
Weekly Dinner Service Pricing
Weekly Dinner Service pricing starts at $350 for couples and $400 for a family of four per week, plus the cost of groceries.  This cost includes a customized menu created each week for your family, and a chef who will prepare four dinners in your home each week, including grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, maintaining a stocked and organized kitchen, and leaving reheating instructions when needed.  Weekly meals are always balanced entrées complete with protein, starch, and sides, and soup, salad, or appetizer prepared each time your chef visits. 
With our premium service, you may add on the option for a serving night–Chef Kris and his team will stay through the dinner hour to plate and serve your meal at the table, and clear the table when you are finished.  It’s like the restaurant came to you!

The cost of the food is not included in the service cost because each family’s food preferences vary. Shopping is done at your local Co-op, Smith's, Sprouts or Whole Foods.
All of our services are completely customizable to fit each family’s needs.  Contact us to discuss which service schedule would be best for your family.
Travel Fee:  There is no travel fee for homes inside the perimeter of Washoe County. There is a $15 per day travel fee to areas within 15 miles of this area.

Paying bills can be a hassle, but we want to make things easy for you.  Currently, Nomchompa gives its clients the option to set up an auto-payment account using either credit or debit card with Square Invoice.  Paying by credit card requires a 3.5% convenience fee, but this system allows our clients to review each invoice before being charged, and avoid the hassle of writing checks on a bi-weekly basis to pay for personal chef services.
Dinner Parties
Impress your guests with meals served in the comfort of your home with service they would expect in an upscale restaurant. We’ll handle all of the cooking, serving, and cleaning so you can enjoy every minute with your guests. We’re happy to accomodate parties of all sizes, from two up to as many Guests as your space will hold. We like to do most of the cooking on site to keep it as fresh as possible (and allow you to experience the show if you’d like). Chef Kris develops a new menu for each season, and we are also happy to customize the perfect menu for you for any event. Check out some sample menus below, as well as some photos of actual dinners we’ve done. You can also check out more pictures, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Cocktail Parties
Cocktail parties are also great for larger gatherings when a filling dinner isn’t the main focus. These are great for gatherings for the holidays, engagement parties, corporate entertaining, and even tea parties. We’ve found that five savory food selections and two dessert bite selections make the perfect amount of food for most groups. We’ll take care of all the food prep, table set up, and clean up during and after the event. We can help you get your bar set up, and even add a drink server if you’d like someone to help serve your guests during the party.
Dinner Party Pricing
Each gathering is unique, and our menus are customized accordingly. Dinner parties start at $90 per guest and cocktail party service starts at $25 per guest. Dinner for two starts at $275 per couple for a three course meal. The cost of food is not included in the prices offered. Prices may vary around holidays.
Special Event Pricing Table (excludes grocery cost)
Nomchompa requires a 50% deposit to reserve a dinner party on a specific date. We’ll take reservations as far in advance as you require. Gift Certificates and Valentine’s Dinners must be paid in full, in advance. Deposit payments may be made by credit card, and will be stored securely on file for final payment. You will find our Terms and Conditions for dinner parties by clicking here.
Travel Fee: There is no travel fee for engagements inside the perimeter of Washoe County. There is a travel fee to all areas outside of this perimeter.
$50 fee.
Mobile Bartending Services
Nomchompa is also a professional mobile Bartending Service. We provide on-site bartenders, convenient all-inclusive Hosted Bar Packages, one of a kind specialty drinks, and unique non-alcoholic beverage options.


Excellent Customer Experience
Professional Service & Set Up
Complete Take Down & Clean up

Hosting an event WITH OUT a professional bartender is like having a boom box instead of a DJ.

Most guests at weddings and special events spend an average of 30-45 minutes AT THE BAR.

The bar is the central hub of EVERY event
A professional bartender can bring a level of class and/or sheer entertainment to your event.
  1. Event Planning
    Event Planning
    Let our experienced team bring your vision to life with creative design concepts and tablescape ideas to match the motif of your event.
  2. Mixologist & Bar Services
    Mixologist & Bar Services
    When beer and wine just isn't enough; Hire one of our expert Mixologists to serve the guests at your next mixer. Experience hand crafted specialty cocktails using only the freshest ingredients and quality spirits.
  3. Personal Chef Service
    Personal Chef Service
    With over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, Chef Kris will help you stylize the perfect menu to suit your craving and budget. Anywhere from a corporate luncheons or simply a dinner for two.